Sustainable working as a key element

Global Asset Solutions (GAS) helps the industry operate more safely and efficiently. As an innovative partner for, among others, the (petro)chemical industry and the (energy) industry, we go beyond traditional techniques and processes and optimize them to become the new standard. Our consultants work as solutions partners when it comes to thinking along with technological changes that structurally guarantee efficient working. But also more sustainable and more focused on the future.

GAS has set itself the goal to take on problems that arise within the industry which effects staff’s health. Focusing on problems such as removing and processing chromium 6 internationally allows us to come up with innovative solutions. Our innovative solutions within the industry are an answer to our customer’s needs, with the common goal of achieving the best result.

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What can we do for you?

Global Asset Solutions aims to assist asset owners during their daily workflow. By deploying new techniques, we help the industry to innovate and make it more sustainable for future purposes. Our services are focused on improving traditional processes and making them the new standard.

Laser Cleaning

 Smart NDT Coordination

Smart NDT: APR

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We are proud of our EBN certification

Safety is in the DNA of Global Asset Solutions. We have been VCA certified since 2021.