At the foundation of Global Asset Solutions there are four pillars. They provide the DNA for both our organization and our people to work in the most effective and efficient way possible for our customers. Keywords for us are working with integrity, reliability, objective, and innovation. We offer services and insights to asset owners that the current industry does not yet see or want to embrace. It’s what sets us apart in being an innovative partner for the industry.


We are aware of our role in society and the contribution we can and want to make. Integrity plays a large role in the field of industry. By deviating from the standard, solutions are realized that contribute to the integrity of not only our organization but also that of our customers. Our goal is to make the (petro) chemical and (energy) industry more sustainable by keeping improving processes, we can maintain ethics and integrity in every link within the chain. It’s up to us to make this a mutual goal.


Existing processes and techniques are in many cases the safest way to go for the industry and the people who work there. Innovation leads to many positive things. Not only financial but also in result and time. On the other hand, it might also lead to resistance. For an asset owner, there must be the certainty that all potential uncertainties will be removed during a shutdown, for example. Global Asset Solutions knows this like no other and acts on this by applying knowledge and experience within each process. Our work is successful when organizations make noticeable successes in becoming more sustainable by improving processes.


Despite the many similarities, every organization is unique with its own processes and techniques to work as efficiently as possible. We only apply our innovative techniques when there is room for innovation, and it really benefits the asset owner and other third parties that might be involved. As an asset owner, you can rest assured that we approach each project objectively and that each project is carried out individually and confidentially. Within Global Asset Solutions we work with a code of conduct that actively contributes to decision-making. Whether this takes place on location or at the management level. The same ethics in DNA ensures that this is reflected in everything we do.


Our goal is to make an active contribution to a safer environment for people and the planet by deploying innovative and sustainable services. In doing so, we also enable ourselves to exceed the expectations of asset owners, customers, and other stakeholders. Our services and solutions are based on improving quality, safety, and productivity within the chemical and petrochemical industry. Our drive to innovate helps customers to reduce risks and allows us to lead the way in finding solutions for increasingly complex regulations.

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