Pulse reflectometry (PR) is a technique based on the reflection of waves. This technique is used to provide a good insight into the internal status of pipe bundle exchangers, pipe bundle reactors, coils, etc. Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) is a technique that uses an acoustic pulse to detect the internal state of a pipe shows in 5-10 seconds. The application of this technique in the tube wall is called UPR which stands for Ultrasonic Pulse Reflection.

As a certified company, we offer a range of inspection and testing services. We use our knowledge and experience to support owners and inspection throughout the life cycle of for example factories without adversely affecting day-to-day operations.

the application of APR/UPR

This special method is aimed at determining the status of various things in a non-destructive way. By quickly providing an accurate picture of the status of the pipe, the lead time is drastically shortened compared to conventional techniques. This way it can be determined in advance whether material needs to be replaced to prevent it from getting worse. APR/UPR gives you insight into the following things that can occur within a pipe, pipe bundle, coil etc.:

  • Pollution
  • Blockages
  • Strictures
  • Pinholes
  • Internal surface cracks
  • Internal wall collection

APR/UPR into practice

A good insight into the condition of essential fixed parts within a factory is important. Not only for every asset owner but also for inspection services. For example pipe bundle exchangers, for this, we provide a quick, accurate check after cleaning to determine the overall condition of the pipe bundle after completion. In tube bundle reactors, where the catalyst is removed from the pipes during a stop, APR provides insight into whether a pipe no longer has catalyst or contamination, immediately showing the general condition of the pipe.

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