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ATEX inspections ensure that factories can stay operational. To let maintenance take place in a running factory with ATEX zones, GAS provides the solution with specialized ATEX jobs. To do this in the safest and most efficient way as possible, GAS invests in knowledge and resources to enable our ATEX specialists to perform at the highest level. When it comes to the application of new techniques, GAS leading in the industry, and we help to further develop and innovate these in the daily workflow for asset owners. Techniques that ensure that drilling, sawing, grinding, surface treatment, etc. can be done without dangerous situations for which a hot work permit is required, for example.

why choose ATEX Jobs?

At GAS we are one of the leading companies when it comes to modern techniques. We are aware of existing techniques and try to improve them to create a safe situation not only for equipment and people but also to work sustainably. There are several reasons to choose ATEX Jobs:

  • Safe and innovative

  • SIMOPS (SIMultaneous Operations)

  • Cost efficient

  • No hot work permit needed

  • Keep factory operational

applying ATEX Jobs

The application of ATEX Jobs is multipurpose but above all safe and efficient. For every asset owner, ATEX jobs can play an important role in:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Pre Post Turn Around
  • TA where part of the plant remains operational or where possible hydrocarbon has been left behind



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