Turn around & Project management

Preparation for a turnaround is essential to map out the amount of work, but also the work and time involved. A project can only be properly coordinated with good preparation. Good preparations from the very beginning ensure low downtime and saves a lot of money. Together with all the professional disciplines involved, we ensure clarity in order to be able to work as efficiently and safely as possible. Our experience ensures that projects do not take longer than necessary. GAS provides support throughout the entire process and, in addition to preparation and coordination, also provides professional support afterward.

our disciplines

From the preparation phase, GAS, together with the asset owner and the contractors involved from all disciplines, will look at how to work together in the safest and most efficient way. Getting everyone together at the beginning creates mutual support for each other's work during the entire project. This ensures mutual understanding right from the start and cost savings at the end of every project.

GAS will always look at the application of possible innovations and strives to apply modern techniques and methodologies where possible. Due to the synergy that GAS creates, those involved will exceed in their profession.

our expertise

Our expertise when it comes to turnaround & project management:

  • Smart NDT
  • Proces technology 
  • Mechanical & onsite repair
  • Laser cleaning operations

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